Sunday trip Samothrace

Each Sunday, when the weather is fine (and most times it does), Uta - my wife - and I go on a trip. Uta says: " that keeps you off of becoming too thick by sitting in front of your PC all day long." Most times we go at the seaside, sometimes we drive to mountains. Then we walk for three hours, but it can happens sometimes to be six hours. Sometimes I take pictures. But the photos I have taken on the road can be seen here at Sunday evening, the latest on Tuesday. They stay for a week, until they are replaced by newer ones.

Following the mainstream, there is now the Sunday trip photos in a light box. Click on the small picture, so that the light box opens. To view the next picture in the light box, click in the right upper corner. To view the last picture in the light box, click in the left upper corner.

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