Flora of Samothraki
from Burkhard Biel and Kit Tan

Flora von Samothraki

Result of comprehensive research
228 pages in English or Greek, approx. 200 colour photos of the vascular flora,
10 of the mosses and algae, 24 of the lichen flora,
26 of the fauna, several of landscape and historical sites.

Flora of Samothraki





The flora and vegetation of Samothraki, a small but phytogeographically distinct island in the North Aegean area, are presented in this publication based on extensive field work conducted by the authors and their colleagues, and by analysis of relevant literature. An abbreviated and annotated list of the flora is provided, with notes on ecological preferences, altitudinal distribution and frequency of occurrence for the more rare taxa. One representative voucher or literature citation is reported, this applies also for the lists of mosses and lichens. Distribution dot maps for 30 of the more common species are presented. Especially emphasized are 18 taxa which have been published as local endemics restricted to the island. The total number of native and naturalized species of vascular plants in the list is 1441 species, belonging to 559 genera and 123 families.


In the chapters preceding the species lists, geomorphological, climate and land use aspects are emphasized, the main vegetation types are discussed as well as the botanical history of the island and phytogeographical relationships. Island endemics and regional endemics are particularly noted as are recent introductions and alien taxa. Of special interest is the flora of the central Saos mountain ridge (1624 m at peak of Fengari) which has alpine and subalpine elements and a number of characteristic and rare species. (continued ...)

Two of 18 endemic plant species of Samothraki


Galanthus samothracicus


Symphyandra samothracica



Also noteworthy is the flora of several permanent springs and streams leading down from the ridge and supplying some coastal wetlands in the northern part of the island.
A map summarizing the natural and semi-natural vegetation (plant associations) together with agricultural types which are the replacement communities is given with annotations.
Some floristic areas of special interest are indicated together with current and future potential threats. The necessary steps for safeguarding and protecting these areas are discussed. (continued ...)






The island of Samothraki still holds a surprisingly great diversity of flora and vegetation in a relatively small area. This botanical treasure is, however, endangered -- it has to be cared for now to preserve it for future generations.


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Some thoughts from Birkhard Biel on the flora of Samothraki

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